Does your estate plan’s gifting structure negatively affect the tax burden of your heirs? Does your asset protection strategy plan for the future of your family pet? When creating a legal solution, knowing all the variables is important, but being able to see the forest from the trees is paramount. With over 40 years serving the Central Coast, our firm has the experience needed to provide sound legal counsel, and the vision required to see potential threats and problems before they happen; keeping you, your family, and your business secure. It’s why we practice a big picture legal practice.

Our firm is lean by design to provide individualized and personalized services. We know every person and case is unique. That is why our attorneys take the time to understand the entire situation to achieve the best results. Our offices are conveniently located in the City of Santa Cruz, and in 2012, we opened offices in Austin, Texas to better serve Californians with property in Texas, and those who have moved to the Lone Star State but retain assets on the Central Coast.